In the fall of 2012, I moved into my first studio apartment. Then I got sick. I had never lived alone and now I had the flu, to boot. After exhausting all reasonable Netflix options, I turned to Cheers. It was a revelation.

Cheers aired its pilot episode three years before I was born and went off the air when I was in 3rd grade. But, no matter. Rhea Perlman’s character Carla Tortelli, with her keen sense of style (read: high-waisted jeans, color-coordinated Nikes and barrettes, and animal-print sweaters), has become, 30 years after her inception, my fashion guru.

This blog charts the outfits of Cheers’ main characters (with an emphasis on dear Carla, of course), from its pilot episode in 1982 to its finale in 1993. It also points you in the right direction for achieving a modern take on the looks of these underrated fashion icons.

Here’s to Carla!

Chloe Roth

Twitter: @thechloeroth
Instagram: @thechloeroth

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  1. racheeng says:

    Such an interesting concept! Definitely checking back often for fashion tips (: thanks for following & liking!

  2. fatcat says:

    Ohmigosh, what a cool blog! I love Cheers too!

  3. hahahaha…amazing concept…I had to see Cheers..or maybe find out through your blog..;))x


  4. Sarmistha says:

    Hi there
    Thanks for following and liking my blog ‘Little Book of fashion’.
    I love the concept of your blog. Following it too!
    Take care and keep posting interesting fashion finds

  5. Such a fun concept. I love the originality of your humor :)

    • Chloe Roth says:

      thank you so much!

    • Dani says:

      earlier, just too damned ttelnaed! Keep up the excellent work, thoroughly enjoy browsing your website. Now where did I put my EOS 400 (ok so its not a 5D but as you said it’s the creative side of the photographer that matters) who knows where it might lead to! Kind Regards Richard

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  6. elkeeb says:

    I used to watch this show growing up and just loved Kristie Alley and Woody Harrelson! I love the concept of your blog. It never fails to amaze me how trends just keep coming back like a boomerang. You are doing such an amazing job at putting those outfits together. Kudos!

  7. ACK says:

    I can’t believe this blog exists, it’s amazing! I’ve just moved back in with my parents and, whilst looking for a job, am filling my days with watching Cheers. I’ve long-loved Frasier, but never really thought about watching Cheers, and it’s bloody amazing! And part of that is the fashion, I can’t get enough…..Actually found an amazing Sam Malone men’s sweatshirt in a charity shop the other day….Anyway, keep it coming, this is brilliant! Anna

  8. Mikey says:

    LOVE this website – specifically googled Carla’s fashion after watching a bit of Cheers.

  9. Robin says:

    I love this blog. I have an affinity for Diane’s fashions, so I especially love that you have included many of those.

  10. Jax says:

    I always loved many elements of Carla’s outfits and thought they updated better than most 80s fashion on Cheers.
    You should feature this great camel duffel jacket/coat (with those great duffel coat buttons) she wears. I can’t recall the episode, but it is so on-trend right now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    YOu’re awesome! I just got caught up in 30 min of reading all your posts… thank you!

  12. Jesse says:

    Do you have any idea where you can find Nike Rugby shirts like Sam Malone wears? I’ve been looking for years.

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  16. Madie says:

    Chloe THANK YOU!

    I am a huge fan of cheers and Rhea Perlman. I love carla and her wardrobe. It’s so hard to find other fans, social media accounts and websites for fans of cheers and carla. I’ve been trying to recreate her aesthetic in clothes for a while now. So glad that I found this website! I would recommend a program called sandbox ;)

  17. Madie says:

    Chloe THANK YOU!

    I am a huge fan of cheers and Rhea Perlman. I love carla and her wardrobe. It’s so hard to find other fans, social media accounts and websites for fans of cheers and carla. I’ve been trying to recreate her aesthetic in clothes for a while now. So glad that I found this website! I would recommend a program called sandbox ;)

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