Sam’s Women: The Understudy

In the Season 1 finale, Diane takes off with Sam’s wunderkind brother, Derek. Understandably, it incites Sam’s jealous side:

Diane: Derek wants to fly me out to Martha’s vineyard tonight.
Sam: On a plane or on his back?

So when Diane goes for Derek, Sam does what he always does in emotional turmoil. Makes a late-night call to a dependable understudy.


Debbie slips quietly into the bar after closing time with long eyelashes, a killer body, and an easygoing (emphasis on easy) attitude:

Sam: Hi Debbie. Boy am I glad you could make it tonight. I didn’t feel like being alone tonight.
Debbie: Well it really isn’t very fair of you to call me at the last minute like that. It’s a good thing my boyfriend’s a heavy sleeper.


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7 thoughts on “Sam’s Women: The Understudy

  1. bowtalks says:

    love the wool peplum dress

  2. Alexander Wang is the DESIGNER! Amazing melange sweater


  3. Flutura says:

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